About Sun Lotus

Sun Lotus

Established in 2003, and  situated on beautifully picturesque land in the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island. Dedicated to bringing yoga to our community and the world, we welcome volunteers/visitors throughout the summer to help build a garden-sanctuary; a testament to selfless-service & cooperation that promotes peace, harmony and environmental awareness.

We strive to maintain sustainability, awareness and self-transformation through various yogic practices, primarily meditation, asana, chant, selfless-service and vegetarianism. And with the use of recycled, re-used, found and fabricated materials  Sun Lotus provides a living example of how creativity curbs consumption and waste and the negative effects it has on the environment and individuals.

Sun Lotus is also home base for several other enterprises:MyHealingCuisine is a line of organic kitchen staples saturated with powerful healing ayurvedic spices which was developed here in our home kitchen, currently they can be purchased on line or at local farm markets (see the website for details). As well, Sun Lotus is the inspiration for OmFlag: global peace project/Love Revolution visit the site to sign the declaration and join with other in creating a new virtual nation.    


Vision & Goals

Sun Lotus will continue to develop perma-culture organic food-gardens, both to become mostly self-sufficient and to model sustainable home-scale food production.

We now constitute a small community of 6 adults who have a strong desire to serve humanity by maintaining a spiritual center and pursuing enterprises which support individual & collective transformation, growth and ultimate freedom.

A long range goal of the Sanctuary is to get "off-the-grid" and become a "hub" which brings together people of like mind, in a connected, kind and sustainable community. Welcome to our dream!

The happy stewards and co-creators of Sun Lotus are:

Shea Olsson (Cert.Hypnotherapist, Thai Yoga Masseuse, Spiritual Scholar & Resident Monk) 

Philip Clark (Climbing Master, Joyful Musical Inspiration & Garden Maestro)

Melissa Vindevoghel (Spiritual Scholar, IT Expert, Treasured Treasurer)

Paul Daan (Registered Yoga Teacher 300HR & Eccentric Visionary, senior resident)
Anita Rafidi (Yoga Scholar, Head Chef & Grounding Force, senior resident)
Ginger-Soleil Daan (Mini Yogini & Hope for the future, lifelong resident)

And YOU!