ALL OUR STAYS INCLUDE 2 ORGANIC VEGETARIAN MEALS DAILY


Join us at Sun Lotus as we maintain a high vibration and a simple, rustic yogic retreat lifestyle including satsang, meditation, yoga and vegetarianism. Generally, we constitute a small (5-10) ever changing group of practitioners.

As a local, you're welcome  to make Sun Lotus your own spiritual sanctuary & part of your personal practice. Please see our offerings.

Are you looking for economical space for your retreat, sacred ceremony or workshop?

As a visitor from afar,  Sun Lotus is a perfect, lightly-structured spiritual retreat space, conducive to economical, do-it-yourself getaways for you or a small group of friends; with plenty of places of sacred solitude & beauty, as well as activities to inspire, refresh and restore.

We encourage partial work-exchange so you can become a part of the community and growth of Sun Lotus as a spiritual sanctuary.

With a welcoming atmosphere, rustic accommodations , and delicious, mostly-organic vegetarian meals featuring our famous healing Ayurvedic Kitchari from MyHealingCuisine , Sun Lotus offers respite from the hustle & bustle in a beautiful Garden-Sanctuary, set in the stunning Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BC.

Choose to stay in our private rooms(2)(2)(1); bunkhouse (1-10); or tipi(2-4)  see the gallery for photos



Satsang Activities

Other on-site activities

  • Free use of our yoga studio & supplies
  • By-donation use of arts'n'crafts studio (take home a handmade gift or souvenir)
  • Free use of bicycles & helmets
  • Free use of our library and internet
  • Free vegetarian cooking demonstrations

Nearby activities

Or choose to help in the gardens, hang out in a hammock, go for a beautiful hike or run, visit the gorgeous Cowichan River, hire-in a massage or healing therapy, or simply lay in the sun right here.


Financial gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated and allow us to continue to offer this spiritual sanctuary at a reasonable exchange to our growing community.

"Om Lokah Samastah Sukino Bavantu"

We also welcome donations of:
old painted-canvases, paints, brushes, hot-gluesticks, spiritual books, videos, dvds
wood & wood crafting tools, garden supplies, plants, food, spiritual paraphernalia

Please call 1-250-709-9010 or email to make a booking

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